Friday, August 19, 2011

New GOP strategy Involves Re-electing President Obama to make his Life even more miserable?

A Friend emailed me this article and I just cannot believe what I was reading, GOP Leaders wishing bad on our President. Most GOP Leaders use the Bible and Christian scriptures to obtain votes from the real Christians but in reality, and truth, they are being lead by Satan himself. Remember my fellow Christians, God has warned us that the Devil is everywhere and he attends church with us and knows who are really the weak. How sad that we elected these type of Leaders? Good Leaders do not last in office. Go read this for yourself, it will just make you sick to your stomach. Go to:

Receiving calls from Republican Friends who do not support this strategy, WAY TO GO! also received email that I should of not used the word Satan, evil and hate and wishing people bad is Satan himself. It is what is is, Sorry but Good overpowers bad! Just time to open peoples eyes to realize what is happening to our country, we need to unite and support our Leaders and not wish any of them misery, how sad is that?

Mary Herrera Cares!


  1. Our nation is slowly loosing the basic values of God and respect to our brother. If we could pray and seek HIS Face and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear and answer our prayers. It all began when our nation taken our prayer in our schools. We have a lot of repenting and prayer in order for this nation being restored. Putting God first is the order of the day!

  2. Wishing bad on someone is bad of course. However, Saying that the GOP is being followed by Satan doesn't make you sound any better then they do Mary.

  3. Oh my gosh!! HAHAHAHA!!! This is so funny I don't even want to explain it to you!


    The "news" article is satire. The Onion is a satirical organization, and nothing they write or produce is real. In fact, Google the word "satire," and see what the third link is. Hahaha! It's all a joke, but now, however, the joke is on you...LOL!

    Don't get me wrong; I still agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment, but still...haha!