Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MARY HERRERA CARES!: Steve Terrell Article

MARY HERRERA CARES!: Steve Terrell Article: "Today Steve Terrell reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican publishes an article stating that Secretary of State Dianna Duran who recently sen..."

Steve Terrell Article

Today Steve Terrell reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican publishes an article stating that Secretary of State Dianna Duran who recently sent 64,000 names of registered voters to the state police now is asking him not to use the words "voter fraud". She claims now that she sent them to the state police to assure the accuracy of the voter files.

We are all aware, this is not the job of the state police to verify the accuracy of the voter files. This is the job of the County Clerks. The County Clerks by law have the authority to make changes to the voter files. She really should work with the County Clerks to assure accuracy of the voter files, they are the experts in that field. State Police have enough to do, fighting crime.

Now the Secretary of State's office is stating that from the start the cases could turn out to be the result of simple clerical errors rather than criminal wrongdoing. This is what I said from the beginning. No they need to tell the truth. They did send these 64,000 names to the State Police to investigate for voter fraud. They are now re-tracking because those names are public record except social security numbers and birth dates. How would you like your name to be on that list and you be accused of a crime with no proof? I can foresee several law suits if that list is ever released. It is public record, they do not own the list.

Also, Steve Terrell states in his article that her Chief of Staff had offered to help my administration verify the names on the voter rolls. Wow, I was not contacted for to verify if this was true. Well it is not true, I asked Steve to ask him how he proposed to help and why he is making up stories. The truth is we had asked him to help us implement the voter registration form on the MVD form after a threat from a group to sue the State for non-compliance of the NVRA federal law. They had been asking the SOS to comply since Rebecca Vigil Giron was in office. He never responded to us and I cannot speak for Rebecca Vigil Giron if he had responded to them. We evidently implemented this form with the MVD form after he left that office and a law suit was filed. This could of been avoided. After we complied with the law, the law suit was withdrawn.I sure wish the media would be fair and remember that there are always two sides to a story.

Back to the 64,000 registration files, this is a movement on behalf of the Republican Party to discourage and not allow Elderly, Native Americans, Homeless, etc. who mostly register Democratic and who do not have a photo ID the ability to vote. How sad! Remember we live in a country where we need to treat everyone equal. New Mexico has strong election laws that prevent voter fraud, it is time for the truth to be said. Quit wasting tax payers money.

Mary Herrera Cares!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's going on at the NALEO Conference?

Great speakers today at the NALEO Luncheon, great topics regarding Latino's. Soon this group will no longer be a minority group, it will be a majority group. Wow, proud that I am a Latina. Today, Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar spoke about many interesting topics regarding Latinos in positions and talked about his role in his position, it was very interesting. He is doing a great job.

Yesterday, I attended a session with the White House staff, met several Latinos working for President Obama. They mentioned that the Presidential staff is not experiencing a high turn over as it occurred in the past. This is positive, this only means they enjoy working for President Obama. I just hope they continue to make the right choices for America.

During this conference, we have listened to many elected officials from Texas. US Senator's, US Congressman, State Senator's, County Commissioners, etc. Last night I met the first women Latina Sheriff. I was glad to meet her. This is a non-partisan group, the elected officials are not from one party. We put aside our party affiliation and network. The goal is to learn from each other and continue to encourage Latinos to seek office. Maybe some day our country will unite?

Have a great day!

Mary Herrera Cares!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Throwing stones!

Today Bryan Watkins, Executive Director of the Republican Party again was throwing stones at me and praising Dianna Duran for turning over 64,000 voter registration names over to the State Police for alleged voter fraud.

For the record, when I was County Clerk for Bernalillo County, I turned over several hundred suspicious voter registration cards to the proper authorities for investigation. These cards were never entered into the voter registration system. Over 200 of these cards were delivered to the office of County Clerk, from the Republican Party. David Iglesias was the US Attorney General at that time. If we all recall, he was fired for not finding any voter fraud. Please read his book he published, I am mentioned in his book for working with him on this issue. US Senator Pete Domenci and US Congresswomen Heather Wilson, who were in office at that time, were behind the firing of David Iglesias, for only doing his job and being honest about no voter fraud. As a matter of fact, President Bush fired 8 other US Prosecutors throughout the nation for not finding or prosecuting for alleged voter fraud.

The movement nation wide by the Republican Party, is to implement photo ID. It is not fair to voters in New Mexico, that Secretary of State, Dianna Duran is claiming voter fraud to please the Republican Party. All that does is discourage people to go out and exercise what blessing we have, freedom to vote.

While I was County Clerk, I directed my Bureau of Elections Director to issue voter registration cards to employees by alphabet and verify data entry errors from the actual card to the database. Thousands of data entry errors were found and corrected. Even though we conducted these projects after every General Election in the odd year right after the School Board elections (March through August), not all data entries were found. Staff did their best to correct any errors such as a wrong number in the social security number entered, a letter in the name or address, etc. but there were times we found other data entry mistakes that were not found at the time we conducted our projects. Guess what? We also discovered that people who filled out the cards mistakenly entered the wrong social security number or wrong number in their address as well. When we contacted them, it was evident that it was a honest mistake on behalf of the person filling out their voter registration card. Guess what else? The Motor Vehicle Division staff also have made mistakes while entering data into their system. This is not voter fraud, this is human error. Many individuals change their name and addresses, and do not update their voter registration information. For this reason the Voter Registration and Motor Vehicle systems will not match.

I did not oppose photo ID for voting until I realized the truth. Not everyone has a photo ID and many Native Americans do not take their picture due to their beliefs. These issues need to be addressed before you take away people's rights, no one should be elected to disenfrancise others and take away what our country stands for.

Thank you,

Mary Herrera Cares!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I would like to wish all the Father's a happy Father's Day. My father past away many years ago; however, I know he is with our main Father up in heaven. My Dad was not around when I was growing up, he had some issues but later on in his life, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and became a Born Again Christian. He loved everyone, never talked about anyone and would do whatever he could to help others.  Every family has had issues but what we need to remember, that not one of us on earth are perfect. There was only one person on this earth that was perfect, he came to earth so we could forgive each other and have something to look forward to. We have a mansion waiting for us in heaven if we accept him. Again, Happy Father's Day.

Mary Herrera Cares!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice to have a local newspaper that publishes positive articles?

I picked up my brother in- law newspapers, read a few articles, then tossed it away. Same old negative newspaper, I heard it is going broke, people are not caring to read it anymore. It would be nice to read about positive situations and accomplishments.  Have a nice day, do not forget today is Juneteenth celebration, and all God has bless us with.

We celebrate Juneteenth today in Albuquerque, because on June 19, 1865 was the date the last slaves in America were freed. The Union Soldiers in Texas enforced the Emancitation Proclamation and freed all the remaining slaves. June 19th we celebrate freedom and equal rights. (We are celebrating today at Kirkland Park).

Mary Herrera Cares!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Montezuma Ball 2011

The Montezuma Ball 2011 will be held on November 19, 2011 at the Hotel Albuquerque. The Recipients are: NEW MEXICO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND LOAN FUND, ALSO, ALBUQUERQUE INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ALLIANCE. I am on the committee for this great fundraising event. We need to help our small businesses during these hard economic times. If you are interested in purchasing a table or would like to sponsor this event, please contact Jane Bradley at 505 332-0419. A live auction will take place at this event, if you have anything you would like to donate for the auction, please let us know. Remember this event is to help small businesses stay in business and grow.

I also am a Board Member of the Loan Fund, I will give you more information on the Loan Fund on my next post. Stay informed.

Thank you,

Mary Herrera Cares!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Voter Registration Cards - 64,000 ?

This past week in New Mexico, Secretary of State Dianne Duran has turned over 64,000 voter registration cards to the State Police to be investigated for alleged voter fraud. Well the truth is the State Police will never investigate her claims, they do not have the man power or the funding. You can rest assured there is no voter fraud occurring in New Mexico.

New Mexico elections laws are one of the best in the country. I was asked to testify at a Congressional committee meeting in Washington DC, because at the Federal level they recognize New Mexico election laws are great, prevent voter fraud and make it easy for everyone eligible to vote. New Mexico elections are run fairly and accurately. For many years the Republican party has claimed voter fraud. The Republican Party went public claiming they had 22 names to turn over to the proper authorities for prosecution in 2009. That never happened. This year, Dianna Duran said she had 37 names to turn over. Where are those 37 individuals she says committed voter fraud?

Voters should not be discouraged from voting in New Mexico. Voters deserve to know the truth, their vote counts, and New Mexico laws protect their vote.

Mary Herrera


Looking forward to seeing all my friends at NALEO in San Antonio. President Sylvia Garcia has invited me to attend as past President. NALEO is a great group of people making a difference in our country. NALEO stands for National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. This organization continues to grow and prosper.

Please visit their web site and see for yourself all the wonderful initiates they support. I encourage you to become a member and get involved.

Thank you,

Mary Herrera

Monday, June 13, 2011

Recent Contributions

Hello Everyone,

I have remained busy and active in the community. I am writing this blog to keep you informed on programs and events. As a former elected official is is important to remain involved to help citizens in our community and continue making a difference. I am now involved on the Board for the Loan Fund. If you are a small business and want to expand or your having a challenge in obtaining a loan for your business, go to loanfund.org. and find out more about the opportunities we offer. Also, I am serving on a committee for the Montezuma Ball. This is the largest fundraiser held yearly for non-profit organizations. I will be posting additional information so you can attend or get involved.

My schedule has been non-stop. I have been very busy. I will update you with more details.

In the meantime, thank you for reading my blog, face book me at Mary Herrera.
God Bless!