Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mary Herrera to appear on Christian Station!

Mary Herrera former New Mexico Secretary of State has been asked to give her testimony on Christian Station channel 32 Soon! As you are now aware, Attorney General Gary King closed the investigation he was conducting on the accusations three employees claimed, during the election cycle of 2010. Mary Herrera was a victim of  false accusations and the Whistle Blower Act that was passed and went into effect in 2010. The Whistle Blower Act is written where anyone can accuse anyone of wrong doing and get away with it. This is wrong! This Act needs to be amended to add if anyone accuses others or anyone of wrong doings with no sufficient evidence, they will be held accountable. They will pay all the lawyer fees and if they are employed with State, and falsely accuse anyone, they could be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.

Years ago when the Sexual Harassment Law was passed, this is what exactly happened many claims of sexual harassment were filed and it was costing the taxpayers thousand of dollars. Many of those claims were filed by disgruntled employees against their bosses or co-workers and were false accusations. This again is happening with the Whistle Blower Act, taxpayers are paying thousand of dollars to lawyer firms contracted by the State to fight false accusations. For the claims that are not false, and are valid under the Whistle Blower Act, amending this Act will not discourage those individuals who file because if they have a valid complaint, they will not hesitate to utilize the Whistle Blower Act. New Mexico can use the money spent on attorney's on jobs and not legal fees!

The date of the Christian Show will be posted soon!

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