Saturday, July 16, 2011

64,000 Voter Registrations being Investigated!

The media again are reporting that Secretary of State, Dianna Duran has turned over 64,000 voter registration records to the State Police for investigation. What is this costing, did the State Police have the funds in their budget?

 No one knows the cost and no one knows how many of those 64,000 people being investigated and are not even aware they are being investigated because the names and the number per party have not be released to the public. Why not? This is public record, social security numbers and birth dates cannot be released, but the breakdown of how many are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc. can be released. I would be interested in knowing this information.

The original voter registration forms are kept at the County Clerks offices per law. The County Clerks are responsible to keep their respective files updated. Why are they not included in this investigation? Dianna Duran promised to work with the experts. What is the Secretary of State trying to hide or find? Yes she admits that she made a promise to assure the files are accurate, so again, why not work with the County Clerks for accuracy?

There are a few County Clerks who do not have the staff, if that is the case, the Secretary of State can send some help. The number of County Clerks with minimal staff is very few. 

We all need to remember, the Governor also promised to look into the alleged
voter fraud. Is she behind this? This is definitely a movement for Photo IDs throughout the country. Again, there has not been proof of voter fraud in New Mexico. In all the years I was County Clerk and Secretary of State, the Republicans continued to claim they had names. I asked for them, but guess what, no names were ever turned over. Why not? Yet our tax money is being used for alleged voter fraud? We really do not have the funds to waste.

Mary Herrera

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