Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steve Terrell Article

Today Steve Terrell reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican publishes an article stating that Secretary of State Dianna Duran who recently sent 64,000 names of registered voters to the state police now is asking him not to use the words "voter fraud". She claims now that she sent them to the state police to assure the accuracy of the voter files.

We are all aware, this is not the job of the state police to verify the accuracy of the voter files. This is the job of the County Clerks. The County Clerks by law have the authority to make changes to the voter files. She really should work with the County Clerks to assure accuracy of the voter files, they are the experts in that field. State Police have enough to do, fighting crime.

Now the Secretary of State's office is stating that from the start the cases could turn out to be the result of simple clerical errors rather than criminal wrongdoing. This is what I said from the beginning. No they need to tell the truth. They did send these 64,000 names to the State Police to investigate for voter fraud. They are now re-tracking because those names are public record except social security numbers and birth dates. How would you like your name to be on that list and you be accused of a crime with no proof? I can foresee several law suits if that list is ever released. It is public record, they do not own the list.

Also, Steve Terrell states in his article that her Chief of Staff had offered to help my administration verify the names on the voter rolls. Wow, I was not contacted for to verify if this was true. Well it is not true, I asked Steve to ask him how he proposed to help and why he is making up stories. The truth is we had asked him to help us implement the voter registration form on the MVD form after a threat from a group to sue the State for non-compliance of the NVRA federal law. They had been asking the SOS to comply since Rebecca Vigil Giron was in office. He never responded to us and I cannot speak for Rebecca Vigil Giron if he had responded to them. We evidently implemented this form with the MVD form after he left that office and a law suit was filed. This could of been avoided. After we complied with the law, the law suit was withdrawn.I sure wish the media would be fair and remember that there are always two sides to a story.

Back to the 64,000 registration files, this is a movement on behalf of the Republican Party to discourage and not allow Elderly, Native Americans, Homeless, etc. who mostly register Democratic and who do not have a photo ID the ability to vote. How sad! Remember we live in a country where we need to treat everyone equal. New Mexico has strong election laws that prevent voter fraud, it is time for the truth to be said. Quit wasting tax payers money.

Mary Herrera Cares!

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