Thursday, June 16, 2011

Voter Registration Cards - 64,000 ?

This past week in New Mexico, Secretary of State Dianne Duran has turned over 64,000 voter registration cards to the State Police to be investigated for alleged voter fraud. Well the truth is the State Police will never investigate her claims, they do not have the man power or the funding. You can rest assured there is no voter fraud occurring in New Mexico.

New Mexico elections laws are one of the best in the country. I was asked to testify at a Congressional committee meeting in Washington DC, because at the Federal level they recognize New Mexico election laws are great, prevent voter fraud and make it easy for everyone eligible to vote. New Mexico elections are run fairly and accurately. For many years the Republican party has claimed voter fraud. The Republican Party went public claiming they had 22 names to turn over to the proper authorities for prosecution in 2009. That never happened. This year, Dianna Duran said she had 37 names to turn over. Where are those 37 individuals she says committed voter fraud?

Voters should not be discouraged from voting in New Mexico. Voters deserve to know the truth, their vote counts, and New Mexico laws protect their vote.

Mary Herrera

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