Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's going on at the NALEO Conference?

Great speakers today at the NALEO Luncheon, great topics regarding Latino's. Soon this group will no longer be a minority group, it will be a majority group. Wow, proud that I am a Latina. Today, Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar spoke about many interesting topics regarding Latinos in positions and talked about his role in his position, it was very interesting. He is doing a great job.

Yesterday, I attended a session with the White House staff, met several Latinos working for President Obama. They mentioned that the Presidential staff is not experiencing a high turn over as it occurred in the past. This is positive, this only means they enjoy working for President Obama. I just hope they continue to make the right choices for America.

During this conference, we have listened to many elected officials from Texas. US Senator's, US Congressman, State Senator's, County Commissioners, etc. Last night I met the first women Latina Sheriff. I was glad to meet her. This is a non-partisan group, the elected officials are not from one party. We put aside our party affiliation and network. The goal is to learn from each other and continue to encourage Latinos to seek office. Maybe some day our country will unite?

Have a great day!

Mary Herrera Cares!

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